Become a virtual entrepreneur!

Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur in your own company?

Look no further Simuland, this online business simulation game is made for you! No one to dictate what you should or should not do; you are the only master on board and make all the decisions.

Make thrive your company, gain market shares face to your competitors. And become the Big Boss of Simuland by dominating the market and all the other companies.

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 Rankings of the players of the month

# Level 1 Points
1 blvckbird 39
2 EdSully 27
3 kenidjoumss 26
# Level 2 Points
1 Phil02 78
2 alexsector44 75
3 pierrick38 72
# Level 3 Points
1 XxprodujeuxX 180
2 ChezWam 162
3 hadrien4789 153

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19h41 02/02Myoth
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