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  Sujet: Is it easier for girls?

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MessageForum: Parties   Posté le: Lun 22 Nov 2021, 6:11   Sujet: Is it easier for girls?
I have several colleagues who have such preferences. All of them were looking for a couple for themselves on this dating site - This is a large site and has people from di ...
  Sujet: Get into a playful mood before you start swiping

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MessageForum: Discussion & Affiliation   Posté le: Dim 21 Nov 2021, 23:05   Sujet: Get into a playful mood before you start swiping
I have no associations with spring in this regard. I have romantic feelings regardless of the season)) I just need to find an interesting person on a dating site. This way is well written in this [url ...
  Sujet: Use the internet

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MessageForum: Fonctionnement des parties   Posté le: Dim 21 Nov 2021, 22:34   Sujet: Use the internet
If you need a serious relationship, then it seems to me that you should start from here - It often happens that single people cannot find a couple in their countr ...

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MessageForum: Parties   Posté le: Jeu 18 Nov 2021, 18:06   Sujet: IS BITCOIN A GOOD INVESTMENT?
Similar to any speculative investment, buying Bitcoin carries risk. Since its inception, Bitcoin was the 1st digital asset to beget the current ecosystem of cryptos. For quite a while, it grew an unde ...
  Sujet: She's Polyamorous

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MessageForum: Want to speak in English, come here...   Posté le: Dim 07 Nov 2021, 22:22   Sujet: She's Polyamorous
This news is not as strange as you might think. Polyamory is a normal phenomenon among those under 30. I prefer to call it just an open relationship. Want to try? Then [url=https://www.together2night. ...
  Sujet: Online Relationships

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MessageForum: Want to speak in English, come here...   Posté le: Dim 07 Nov 2021, 22:19   Sujet: Online Relationships
I have nothing against such searches. The point is that it reduces the time required to get to know a new person. you may be disappointed on the second day of communication and immediately give up the ...
  Sujet: Bitcoin question

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MessageForum: Discussion & Affiliation   Posté le: Jeu 28 Oct 2021, 11:26   Sujet: Bitcoin question
I have some bitcoins. I keep thinking about how I can increase this, but I don't know how. Are there simple investments for small amounts?
  Sujet: Africa as a sports country

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MessageForum: Discussion & Affiliation   Posté le: Lun 25 Oct 2021, 20:58   Sujet: Africa as a sports country
Sports are one of the sponsored industries in Africa. I know many international athletes who were born and trained there. If you want to know more then refer to the archives here - https://livescores ...
  Sujet: Electronic music: lounge, dubstep and more

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MessageForum: Discussion & Affiliation   Posté le: Ven 08 Oct 2021, 9:15   Sujet: Electronic music: lounge, dubstep and more
Are there those who listen to such genres? I want to find the most complete media library on the Internet, but I can download it for free. Please advise the site. Video hosting services are not suitab ...
  Sujet: Best dating site

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MessageForum: Want to speak in English, come here...   Posté le: Lun 27 Sep 2021, 15:13   Sujet: Best dating site
I have quite extensive experience of online chatting .. But I have never looked for a quality site in order to find someone for a serious relationship. Can you advise me something?
  Sujet: Woman + woman

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MessageForum: Want to speak in English, come here...   Posté le: Lun 27 Sep 2021, 15:11   Sujet: Woman + woman
Did you know that female couples are not at all uncommon. It used to be just disguised as friendship or something like that .. My colleague has such a relationship but is waiting for something more .. ...
  Sujet: Love or sex

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MessageForum: Want to speak in English, come here...   Posté le: Lun 27 Sep 2021, 15:09   Sujet: Love or sex
What are you looking for on dating sites? Will this be love forever or just a one night stand? I am very interested in how people after 40 see this for themselves .. I'm 39 now)
  Sujet: Professional sports

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MessageForum: Discussion & Affiliation   Posté le: Ven 24 Sep 2021, 16:26   Sujet: Professional sports
There are no identical recipes for such a business. Football is not only about logic and statistics. This is also a lot of the human factor. This is why hitting the target can be so difficult. But you ...
  Sujet: FX Markets

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MessageForum: Discussion & Affiliation   Posté le: Ven 17 Sep 2021, 12:13   Sujet: FX Markets
Good evening. Thank you for inviting me to speak.

Let me begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners’ ongoing connection to and custodianship of the lands on which we meet today, and pay my res ...
  Sujet: Slot game

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MessageForum: Fonctionnement des parties   Posté le: Mar 14 Sep 2021, 12:15   Sujet: Slot game
I believe that all slots are equally simple. If you need more choice then you can go here - This casino often adds new game variations. You will never be bored here. It ...
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22h29 03/12Abidjan
Ah d'accord Fred.
20h32 03/12Chiche671
oeeee Zizou
17h40 03/12Fred78
@abidjan oui
16h27 03/12Abidjan
lol si tu le dis...
16h02 03/12lubo
L’adversaire est de taille dirais-je ;)
15h08 03/12Abidjan
La prudence est de mise donc
14h44 03/12lubo
Oui, je me suis emballé, mais je n’aurais pas pu être assez assidu ces prochains jours
14h24 03/12Abidjan
Par contre lubo, tu m'as abandonné dans MiniLand
14h20 03/12Abidjan
Sur le smartphone???
14h19 03/12Fred78
Curieux j'utilise chrome aussi. Là je sèche.
13h10 03/12Abidjan
Salut king
13h10 03/12The king dzz
salut tout le monde
13h09 03/12Abidjan
Merci lubo! Je viens juste te tenir compagnie
13h07 03/12lubo
Salut Abidjan, bienvenue sur OupsLand, je me sentais un peu seul ;)
11h11 03/12Abidjan
Bonjour lubo
11h11 03/12Abidjan
De me permettre de me connecter
11h10 03/12Abidjan
pas vraiment. Mais je pense que c'est lié au navigateur du smartphone. Google Chrome j'ai l'impression empêche mon navigateur
11h09 03/12Abidjan
Bonjour Fred
11h09 03/12Abidjan
Bonjour Chrismic
10h14 03/12Nivek95
Bonjour tout le monde