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A question I get asked a lot from fellow penis enlargement enthusiasts is how does Fildena compare to other natural penis enlargement pills or drugs such as Viagra or Cialis? Basically, many penis enlargement enthusiasts want to know if they can buy fildena online without having to face the same side effects that they experience when they take prescription medication for erectile dysfunction. So, let me answer this question for you straight:

While it is true that fildena side effects are quite rare (unlike Viagra, for example), the truth is that some common fildena side effects include itching, burning sensation, tingling sensation, nasal congestion, and gastrointestinal tract irritation. If you experience any of these side effects after taking a single dose of fildena, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor. Keep in mind that fildena is not a medication; therefore, you shouldn't feel obliged to take it with other medmedicinesuch as antibiotics or other prescribed medicines. Also, if you notice any sort of allergic reaction after taking fildena, contact your doctor right away.

The only major fildena side effects I can think of are slight headaches and facial flushing. It should be noted that the severity of your headaches and facial flushing are related to the strength of the herbal ingredient used in this pill, and the amount of time you take the pill. For instance, a strong cup of fildena brew would cause a more powerful migraine headache than a weaker mixture of fildena and l-carnitine. If you are taking a large quantity of fildena, you may experience stomach upset or diarrhea. If you have any questions about how does fildena work in combination with other drugs, or medical help, your physician or pharmacist is the person best qualified to answer those questions for you.
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