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MessagePosté le: Jeu 25 Nov 2021, 4:15
I have now decided to change my style completely and I want to start with my hair, I haven't changed my hair in about 10 years and I've been going with the same hairstyle for a while now. And I don't know where to look at what's trending right now. Do you know of a site where you can look it up? 

MessagePosté le: Dim 28 Nov 2021, 15:06
Try to find your hairstyles in magazines, there are big magazines that show hundreds of different hairstyles, I've seen them most often in beauty salons. I think you should just go to a young successful hairdresser. 

MessagePosté le: Dim 28 Nov 2021, 16:02
I recently decided that I wanted to change my image and be more modern. I wanted to find a hairstyle that would rejuvenate me. I started looking for hairstyles on the internet. Found a post about mullet hairstyle, you can learn more here. It turned out to be a very handy site that tells not only about hairstyles and hair care.
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