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MessagePosté le: Mar 07 Déc 2021, 17:48
Cable television appears to be a thing of the past in the modern era. There was a time, however, when cable companies dominated the media industry and were the primary source of video subscription platforms. Let us rewind the reel to determine the evolution.

Television broadcasting was introduced in the United States in the 1940s, and it used airwaves to send electromagnetic signals that carried TV programmes. At the time, watching television required viewers to install antennas on their rooftops in order to catch the signals transmitted over the airwaves SVOD Subscription Video On Demand Platform.

Video Subscription Platform
The main issue with this broadcasting system was that signals became weaker as they travelled further away from the broadcast towers. Broadcasters used to install these towers only near densely populated urban areas in order to maximise returns and viewership. To address the issue of weak signals in remote areas and improve reception, an alternative transmission medium, such as Community Antenna Television, has been developed (CATV)

However, the potential of cable TVs was not fully realised at the time, and they were only used to extend existing signals.

As technology advanced, this changed, and by the mid-1970s, cable TV companies were providing extensive services and a diverse range of programmes to viewers with better reception. Cable television was quite popular until the Internet arrived and changed the game for the better.

As Internet penetration has increased over the last decade, OTT/VOD platforms have become the go-to option for video and audio content. Over the top (OTT) refers to any type of streaming service that uses the internet to deliver content directly to the audience.

Why Do You Want To Use A Subscription Revenue Model?
Internet technology is much faster and less expensive today than it was a few decades ago. People are finding it more convenient to switch to alternative internet-based entertainment sources, such as OTT platforms, which offer much greater flexibility and variety in content.

Source: Create Video Subscription Platform

MessagePosté le: Sam 11 Déc 2021, 7:44
I want to help my friends with assignments because I am write my assignment in Saudi Arabia and my friends are in other countries, so I want to help them and also want some help from them so I also want to start a live video, so anyone who suggest me that what should I do know.
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