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MessagePosté le: Ven 05 Aoû 2022, 14:43
Taking a gander at the Toadskii list, a many individuals have various thoughts regarding levels, what units are solid/valuable/broken, and despite the fact that it pursues an overall direction, there is a ton of talk on the segment, and I believe its legitimate that, despite the fact that perhaps Gamewith has been going on some time, our English/Global people group hasn't by any stretch chosen a level rundown. Indeed, even this sub has a level rundown, yet it hasn't been refreshed in north of a year and was extremely questionable at that point, not by any stretch settled upon.

Which is abnormal. A great deal of other Gacha's have level records. Fire Emblem Heroes has a couple of like Gamepress, which has been controversal certain ( on the off chance that you play FEH and stay aware of it ), however by and large gets a substance of what is significant and required in the game ( their rundown is Arena centered, which is the as it were "pvp" content where a meta truly matters )

So what precisely involves the meta of OPTC, to every one of you?

As far as I might be concerned, a level rundown could be split between leads/sub and perhaps Japan and Global, since they're so far separated. What's more, ought to zero in on two thoughts which steer individuals to utilizing one lead/sub over another.

Clear rate : A lead ought to, most importantly, have the option to clear something given the ideal subs. F2P or P2P be condemned, meta ought to be characterized on taking advantage of each and every accessible in game asset.

Speed : The other thing that is critical in, what fundamentally moves toward a cultivating game, is season of clears. In the event that you can clear, what makes a difference is the manner by which quick you can make it happen. Investing additional energy utilizing one lead over utilizing the quickest lead, when the two of them can clear, ought to show you that individuals would redirect to some lead.

I comprehend this is a solitary player game, so when individuals consider meta, its as a rule as far as what is ideal against different players. Which is the reason I separated it to these two angles, since those are essentially the perspectives that matter assuming you put two single players against one another. OPTC, when ideally played, looks like speedrunning eventually. Essentially to me.

However, that is only my considerations. Considering what you folks would propose as an overall thought.

Perhaps construct our own level rundown. Then, at that point, we have something to allude to when individuals inquire "whats the most grounded legend, group, sub, and so on"
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