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MessagePosté le: Mar 08 Sep 2020, 5:31
Logan Woodside and Cole McDonald will headline a single of the much more interesting offseason competitions this calendar year. The champion could possibly be the backup QB this yr, and I rooting for Cole McDonald. Thursday night time, the NFL will launch every single team plan. I imagine the Titans will consist of at minimum 3 major period game titles Ryan Tannehill Hoodie, with a TNF video game and a MNF video game (a single versus the Jags) all still absolutely sure Perhaps we choose a Sunday Evening Soccer sport for funsies.Video games that will not be performed inside of 2020 are the world wide online games. The NFL All-Compensated staff contains a whole lot of the suitable gamers inside the NFL, together with the NFL least difficult protection, Kevin Byard. He actually positive if yourself haven found him enjoy. Monti Ossenfort is by now the TitansDirector of Participant Staff members. He retained the identify of Director of College or university Scouting whilst with the Patriots and already is coming south in the direction of greener pastures. At this time with Ryan Cowden, Ossenfort, and JRob, the Titans contain excess even added firepower in direction of what was by now just one of the most straightforward entrance places of work in just the league The Titans rank 8th within just ESPN Energy Ratings, which is yes legit. Schefter: Titans and Derrick Henry not demanded toward attain extensive-expression offer Titans Information: Basic Conclusion.

MessagePosté le: Mar 12 Oct 2021, 16:05
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0h16 18/10Zpn07
Ca démarre quand ?
0h06 18/10ASELI
hehe ^^
0h06 18/10ASELI
attention au crack!
0h03 18/10Pansky
^^ cette fois oui
23h59 17/10ASELI
il est bon ce Pansky xD
23h50 17/10Ofrank
belle job pansky!
23h02 17/10Ofrank
oups les impots ont fait mal!
23h01 17/10Pansky
Je paie mes impot, ca pique
23h00 17/10jeanbenoist01
*37.2% à la fin de ce tour...
22h59 17/10jeanbenoist01
32,3% du marché ça dit quoi?
22h56 17/10Saussisonsauvage
Tu ralentis la c’est mal
22h54 17/10Saussisonsauvage
Bah pansky qu’est ce que tu fou
22h07 17/10Ofrank
bonnne pUR 2 tout le monde ! je vais venir vous tenir compagnie avec un peu de retard! :)
21h52 17/10MYODA
A l'évidence chui nulle ...
21h51 17/10MYODA
Il va falloir que j'arrête ce jeu
21h50 17/10MYODA
Chui bien d'accord
21h49 17/10Saussisonsauvage
C’est pourtant l’impression que ça donne
21h47 17/10MYODA
Ha ha ha ... Ben non !
21h42 17/10Saussisonsauvage
Premier au début dernier à la fin c’est ça ton plan?
21h42 17/10Saussisonsauvage
Bah alors myoda