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Even as the lawsuits start to mount, it has not stopped the Philadelphia Eagles from being reportedly interested in trading for Houston Texans starting quarterback Deshaun Watson. The Eagles have a new head coach in Nick Sirianni and are coming off a frustrating 4-11-1 2020 NFL season.Denver Broncos Face masks

Golladay had interest from the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals and other teams but couldn’t ultimately get a better offer than the one he got from New York.

Nobody on the college football field could compete with him the air -- picture the rebounding stats from a basketball game where one guy is 3-5 inches taller than everybody else, has 5-7 inches of wingspan on everyone else, is 40 pounds heavier than everyone else, has the best hands on the court, and is a box-out artist besides (Pitts is so good at using his frame to make sure that the only way the defender has access to the ball is through his back, more colloquially known as DPI) -- and that’s going to continue to be the case in the NFL outside of the few very times he’ll matched up against a Simmons-like freak (I still like Pitts’ chances). It goes without saying that we don’t see catch radiuses this size.Carolina Panthers Face masks


The Seahawks' offensive-line moves have carried added intrigue with quarterback Russell Wilson publicly airing his frustrations with the organization last month. Fueling some of those frustrations was all the hits he has taken behind an offensive line that he wanted to see upgraded.

One of his first orders of business? Changing his Twitter header before the deal becomes official.

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Under defensive coordinator Don Martindale, Baltimore has liked to mix up their defensive looks to disguise where blitzes will be coming from and confuse the opposing offense, meaning players have often been put out of their typical position. Judon was used in a variety of ways all over the field, at times lining up at inside linebacker, or with his hand in the dirt on the line, or dropping back into coverage. If Ossai is truly that versatile, he would certainly fit not only the Ravens’ needs but one of the main traits they covet too.Atlanta Falcons Face masks
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Trubisky is now a free agent after Chicago elected not to pick up his fifth-year option on the former No. 2 overall pick ahead of last season. Foles is still on the team's roster.Cincinnati Bengals Face masks
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13h03 28/11Abidjan
lol Nivek! tu as tout compris
13h02 28/11Abidjan
Le stress? Pourquoi?
12h50 28/11Nivek95
Un reveil pour chaque tour, si je fais ça j'arrive plus a dormir la nuit et même si je le faisais je me leverai pas pour faire les decisions
12h24 28/11Fred78
Je pense que le stress joue beaucoup.mais va falloir que je trouve un moyen d'arrêter mes conneries.sinon je vais pas aller loin ^^
12h23 28/11Abidjan
Sa nous arrive parfois à tous
12h19 28/11Fred78
LOL non je rigole. J'ai du mal à me coucher le soir et à me lever le matin ^^
12h15 28/11Abidjan
lol je ne me sens pas encore capable de le faire
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Oui Abidjan je mets mon réveil à sonner pour chaque tour ^^
12h13 28/11Abidjan
Bonjour à tous
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Bonjour Fred
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Bonjour Chrismic
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les mecs ils se connectent à 2h du mat pour planifier les ordres sur Sim.
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Bonjour à tous et bon dimanche :)
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Bonjour lubo :)
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Bonjour Abidjan :)
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Bonjour chrismic :)
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Bonjour nivek :) hi hi les lendemains sont difficiles :/ chrismic a du retourner se coucher ^^
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Bonjour à tous
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Bonjour à tous
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Bonjour Chrismic