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MessagePosté le: Ven 03 Sep 2021, 14:22
What do you think of polyamorous relationships? Is it fair? My father says that this is the use of other people. He was brought up differently. I kind of agree with him, but ... What if you like two?

MessagePosté le: Ven 03 Sep 2021, 17:53
I agree with the older generation. This is all complete nonsense. Anyone who wants to live freely should not say that he is in a relationship. This changes boundaries. This is why I think you need to be honest and just get new dates on this site web. The dating site can be different in specialization and composition of participants. Everyone chooses what is close to him.

MessagePosté le: Dim 03 Oct 2021, 14:19
It is interesting! Could you recommend me a reliable dating resource where I can meet good people?

MessagePosté le: Dim 03 Oct 2021, 14:26
Hello everyone. It's very fun and easy. Real life is much more better but not always you will be able to go on the real date or even find partner for this purpose. I am sure you will like this site: That's why such online dating websites and applications are so popular. By the way if you results in dating are poor, I think you should read some dating tips.
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