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MessagePosté le: Sam 04 Sep 2021, 17:35
All solar panels contain solar cells. Photovoltaic cells are soldered together and enclosed in a housing. From above they are covered with glass, which allows sunlight to penetrate to the cells themselves, while protecting them from harmful chemical and mechanical influences. The solar cells are connected in modules in series to create the required voltage. At the back there is a plastic cover that protects electrical parts from moisture and dust all the details described here - best solar panels for home use.

Monocrystal - has smaller panels at the same power (about 5% smaller than the size of solar panels) due to the higher efficiency per solar cell area.

Polycrystal - has a larger overall size with the same rated power and a winning difference in price (about 10%) in comparison with a single crystal.

It is important to understand that "Mono" is not worse and not better than "Poly", they are simply different in the way of production. The main difference between monocrystalline solar cells and polycrystalline solar cells, with the same rated power, will only be the overall size of the solar panel and their cost.

MessagePosté le: Mer 20 Oct 2021, 11:47
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